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Successful organisations are built from high performing teams and functions. Core business operations are clearly the catalyst for success, however the performance of these core business operations is linked to the reliability, timeliness and professionalism of the business support functions. This is evident when it comes to the procurement function. As a business grows and evolves, the ability for procurement to deliver and drive outcomes becomes more and more critical.

However, building a high performing and sustainable in-house procurement team can be challenging, especially with a wide range of competing business challenges such as: ongoing operations, team performance, new  technologies, staff turnover, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, resource constraints, changes to laws and legislation, reporting and compliance requirements, etc.

While technology has come a long way in terms of handling purchasing and accounts payable, and blockchain potentially providing new and innovative buying processes, strategic procurement  remains a function that relies on engagement, problem solving and lateral thinking. That is why it is important to have the right people performing this function.  

In instances where your business is pressed for budget, time, capacity and specialist expertise, then creating or expanding your own procurement team may not be viable. To make matters even more challenging, if you do decide to build internal procurement capability, you still need to hire and upskill your staff and implement the correct policies, procedures, systems and processes to support them.

In situations like this, there is a real opportunity for organisations to leverage high caliber procurement teams via a managed service without the recurring overhead of a full-time procurement function. Engaging procurement as a managed service rather than an internal function delivers the expertise, systems, and processes required to implement large scale procurement strategies, as well as delivering on time and more cost effectively than a team of full-time employees.

Procurement Co helps businesses when it comes to the complexity of procurement processes and, in many cases, relieves internal staff of the procurement burden altogether. Our team identifies where businesses will be best served with external procurement support, allowing internal staff to concentrate on their core business objectives and targets. 

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The managed service option has proven to be an economical alternative to the traditional self-performed or internally delivered model, as clients are only charged for the productive time required to deliver specific procurement and contract management activities. The added benefit of undertaking procurement via a managed service is the ability for our clients to leverage the experience, capability and capacity of the entire Procurement Co team to deliver each requirement, ensuring that your organisation benefits from our collective experience and knowledge of market conditions and trends across a multitude of industries and sectors.

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