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Probity Services

When it comes to probity services, it is our job to make sure procurement processes and commercial transactions are conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

Probity Advisory Services

At Procurement Co, we apply our expert knowledge in procurement to provide probity advice that achieves your strategic procurement objectives.  

We work with our clients to understand the strategic drivers for their procurement decisions and assist them with planning robust procurements that achieve strategic objectives while maintaining high-levels of probity with defensible outcomes.  

Our probity experts have experience in bot typical and complex procurements and transactions and are advocates that probity can be achieved in commercial settings in a fair and equitable manner.  

Our team works closely with the procurement team to ensure that probity risks are mitigated or avoided before occurring, ensuring that the market and the public have a high level of confidence in the procurement activities being undertaken. 

Throughout the process, we advise, review and support the organisation to ensure compliance with probity principles of objectivity, fairness and reasonableness. 

Probity Audit Services

Has your procurement been challenged? It may not always be best to deal with this in house or with the team that undertook the procurement. Probity Audits by third parties offer an arm’s length assessment of the process undertaken to determine a procurement outcome and can often support a formal response when the outcome of a procurement process has been challenged.  

Probity audits can also be beneficial when: 

  • There has been a strategic shift of requirements mid-procurement. 
  • There are questions with the integrity of a procurement process or outcome. 
  • Where a procurement outcome could cause grievances with the public or the supplier market.  
  • In high-risk property deals and transactions 
  • In any procurement processes where and external probity advisor has not been engaged to advise during the procurement activity. 

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Procurement Co are experts at providing probity solutions that support strategic outcomes. 

How can our team assist with probity services?

Procurement Co are probity specialists and have provided advice to an extensive list or organisations and agencies across all levels of Government. 

We approach each probity engagement as an independent voice of reason, but this doesn’t stop us providing advice to help you achieve you procurement objectives while avoiding probity breaches. 

Whether it’s a complex property transaction, a whole-of-government standing offer arrangement, or a procurement activity with a volatile supplier base, our team has the collective experience to ensure that you avoid common and critical risks associated with your procurement.  

Things to consider when choosing a probity consultant

It’s fundamental that you engage with a probity advisor that wants to work with you to achieve outcomes rather than a probity advisor who just says ‘No’. 

We’ve provided some guidance below to assist you with selecting the right probity advisor for the job: 

Does you probity advisor have a detailed understanding of the procurement process? There are many consultants out there that claim to provide probity advice. We believe that understanding the procurement process is key to providing practical probity advice that protects you from probity risk while still achieving procurement objectives. 

Does you probity advisor have extensive experience providing probity advice? This is key to ensuring that probity risks are mitigated before they a realised. No two procurements are the same and each probity issue experienced hones the skills of the probity advisor. Using an experienced probity advisor will allow you the leverage this knowledge and avoid costly probity breaches. 

Does your probity advisor have depth of resources? In almost every probity engagement the procurement timeframes are compressed, and probity assurance is the final step to awarding a contractUnderstaffed or over committed probity advisors can set you procurement timeframes back due to availability factors. To avoid this, ensure that your probity advisor has experienced resources available to assist you when required. 

Does your probity advisor represent value for money? A probity advisor is there to offer advice and ensure a smooth process, this does not need to come at a substantial cost to your business. There are many commercial models available to ensure that probity services provided to you by experienced consultants without the ‘Partner’ price tag. 

When do you need a probity services consultant? 

If you have a high-value, or high-risk procurement you should consider engaging an independent probity advisor 

Engaging the right probity advisor early will ensure that you: 

  • Have a procurement process that is designed to mitigate or avoid probity risks 
  • Have an impartial, fair, and equitable process 
  • Avoid common mistakes when it comes to government procurement and probity breaches 
  • Give your approving delegates and committees confidence in procurement outcomes and award recommendations 
  • Provide the supplier market and public stakeholders confidence that public money is spent with integrity 

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