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Procurement Services

Procurement Co are well equipped to handle every aspect of the full procurement lifecycle, from initial data collection and spend analysis to market analysis, strategy development, and tendering and contract award. 

Procurement Delivery

You’ll have the opportunity to leverage our company-wide expertise to find the very best solution for your organisation. Our team will integrate with your key stakeholders to ensure procurement outcomes that achieve strategic objectives while reducing procurement costs.  

Our procurement services can be delivered via ad-hoc engagement, dedicated or seconded resources, and via a wholly outsourced model. 

In addition to procurement delivery, we leverage our experience to provide procurement advice and consulting which includes procurement organisation/function reviews, policy and procedure development, strategy development, corporate supply chain targets, transformation projects, modern slavery, and auditing. 

Category Management

We take a strategic approach to category management ensuring that procurement decisions are fact based and structured to deliver ultimate value to your organisation 

We interrogate and compare your data with available market data and utilise commonly available data integration and visualisation tools to ensure that clean data is available and easily deployable to your key stakeholders and decision makers and able to be leveraged to achieve maximum value from supplier negotiations. 

Our category management solutions can be delivered at any point along your organisation’s procurement journey or category management maturity, including spend and contract analysis, development of addressable spend, supplier profiling and tiering, category strategy development and implementation, procurement implementation, strategic partnership agreements, development of performance metrics and commercial models, contract negotiations, and category performance reviews. 

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Procurement Co are experts in the field of procurement, contract management, and probity and have the knowledge and experience to help you. 

Our experienced team can help you with every aspect of the procurement lifecycle

We are procurement industry specialists with knowledge and experience of the full procurement lifecycle. 

Our team approaches procurement with energy and integrity and can assist at any stages of your procurement lifecycle from early strategy development and market sounding to advanced negotiations and contract award. 

Things to consider when choosing a procurement consultant 

Choosing the right procurement consultant can drastically change your procurement outcomes. We’ve provided this list to assist in your selection process of a suitable procurement consultant. 

Can anyone do procurement? A lot of consultants believe that procurement is just a process, however you will find that if you use procurement specialists rather than generalists you will be able to extract maximum value for our procurements. 

How do I know if a procurement consultant is sufficiently experienced to assist with my procurement? Check their work history, i.e. do they have a long list of clients? Do those clients seek the consultant for repeat work? How long have they been in business? Do they have a diverse team? 

Do my procurement consultants need to have industry knowledge? Procurement is a transferrable skillset and can be industry agnostic, however you may realise more value using a consultant that has specific industry knowledge 

What commercial model do I use to engage a procurement consultant? This depends on a variety of factors, i.e. the size and type of the engagement, which systems are required to be used, the level of stakeholder engagement required, and a raft of other factors. It may be a good idea to consult a procurement consultant early to determine the best commercial model for your procurement support.

Does the procurement consultant have depth of resourcing? This can be important if additional capacity is required to short timeframe procurement activities. 

Is my procurement better in-house or outsourced? This can depend on the capability and capacity of your internal procurement function. Often procurement consultants are engaged to assist with overflow or where specialist skills are required for high-value or high-risk procurements.

When do you need a procurement consultant?

A procurement consultant can be engaged at any point along your procurement journey. However, it is always smart to engage a procurement consultant during early stages such as formation of the procurement strategy or in the data and market analysis phase.  

Having a procurement consultant onboard early can assist you to derive maximum value from your procurement.  

There can be a raft of benefits from engaging a procurement consultant early, some of which include: 

  • Knowledge of the supplier market 
  • Understanding of procurement strategies and trends 
  • How to integrate all data and analysis to form an optimum procurement strategy 
  • Development of a robust strategy that is socialised and supported by all stakeholders before implementation. 

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