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Contract Management and Administration

Our contract management services can be provided at any point in the contract lifecycle - from contract creation to execution and analysis and even close out.

Contract Management

At Procurement Co, we have experts in ensuring the contract management process is as pain free as possible. Contract management occurs after a contract has been executed and taken effect. We work with you to ensure that the terms and conditions contained within the contract are adhered to and that all of both party’s contractual obligations are met satisfactorily.

While it is always possible that circumstances can change during the Contract Management phase, our team make sure that if they do arise that the process is as seamless as possible. Our contract management team work closely with all parties to the agreement, which puts us in a good position to know whether the relationship is working or if it is necessary to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Contract Administration

Our team can also assist with contract administration, focusing our efforts on the planning and execution of contracts. The planning process tends to include sourcing potential contracting partners and helping with ironing out the details of the contract arrangement. We also work with prospective partners to negotiate on contract matters such as delivery schedules, prices, and performance expectations.

When people hear the word administration, they feel that the only thing we provide is solely administrative services, but it requires a great deal of strategy and business savvy. Entering into legally binding contracts is critical to the financial success of many businesses, so it is imperative to find the right partners and put into place fair agreements.

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How can our team assist with contact management & administration?

Savings are not only available during a procurement process and often savings identified in the procurement process can be eroded if a contract is not managed effectively. The team at Procurement Co are specialists in contract management and can assist at every stage of the contract lifecycle from, contract management planningadministration of claims and payments, through to contract suits and recover of off-track or neglected contracts 

Our team is trained to assess each contract on its own merits to extract maximum value for our clients. This can include ensuring that contract deliverables are provided in accordance with the contract, managing claims to ensure payments and variations are consistent with the goods or services being delivered, and identifying contract wastage or changes in delivery requirements.  

Our team can assist at any time during the contract lifecycle.

Things to consider when choosing a contract management consultant 

Not all organisations emphasise the importance of contract management, and often after a contract has been awarded supplier relationship management is an afterthought. We have compiled the list below to guide you in deciding whether to engaging a contract management consultant is right for you and how to choose the right one ensuring you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. 

Does your organisation have experienced contract managers? Often contracts are handed to the business to manage from a technical delivery perspective. This can be a suitable approach and an efficient management strategy, however commercial objects can at times become second thought with emphasis placed on getting the job done.  

What is the workload required to manage you contracts? Generally contract management runs on a monthly cycle with reporting, claims, and payments. This can create a burden on resources at the beginning and end of each month taking their focus off critical business activities. If this is an issue for you could consider engaging a contract management consultant to smooth you resourcing requirement or outsource your contract management activities completely.  

How complex is your contract? Contracts are developed with best intentions, however in a lot of cases this means complex commercial models and performance requirements which create a burden on resources. Using a contract management consultant can relieve internal resource constraints and ensure that commercial and performance to ensure the contract is managed to take full advantage of the provisions it contains.  

How do I choose the right contract management consultant? What you’re looking for is a consulting organisation with experience in your industry or with the goods and service being provided under the contracts that you are responsible for. The contract management consultant should also be able to demonstrate a depth of resources to ensure that peak times such as the beginning and end of the month are adequately managed.  

When do you need a contract management and administration consultant?

They may be several instances where you may need to engage external support with you contract management activities. We suggest in the early phases of planning and establishing a contract. Or even at the procurement stage where commercial models and performance targets are being established. Here are some decision points where engaging a contract management consultant may be beneficial: 

  • When your team is struggling to keep up with claims management and payments or if claims management and payments is preventing your team from focussing on their core responsibilities. 
  • If you find yourself in dispute with a supplier and third-party assistance may help to resolve a deadlock.  
  • Where you’ve had someone exist your business and require an audit on contract activities to ensure everything is on-track 
  • For advice at any point in the contract management lifecycle. 

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