QRA  - Council Procurement Review

Company Name:

Queensland Reconstruction Authority


State Government 


Local Government Disaster Funding Procurement Review 

Project Completed:

August 2021

Project Summary:

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) manages and coordinates the Government’s restoration of communities and infrastructure reconstruction within disaster affected communities. The QRA’s role focuses on working with state and local government agencies to deliver value for money and accountable expenditure and acquittal of public reconstruction funds. Following a natural disaster event, the QRA also works with disaster-affected local governments to assess and establish the scale of damage and administers funding arrangements for completion of those works.  


QRA required the services of a specialist procurement company to review and document procurement strategies implemented by Local Councils in the delivery of DRFA works as part of the Queensland Disaster Funding Program. 

Project Outcomes:

Procurement Co successfully completed a procurement review of 10 regional local councils and provided a detailed report to QRA. The review consisted of two phases: a desktop review of procurement documents provided by the local councils, and an onsite visit/online meeting to engage with the local government procurement officers. During the first phase Procurement Co conducted a detailed analysis of individual local government procurement documents. The second phase included a review of how the procurement policies are implemented, and the practical constraints/limitation which may impact upon the use of best procurement practices. This phase was conducted at the local councils’ offices (where possible) to gather an understanding of how procurement is conducted in these regional areas.  

The procurement review was successfully completed to the satisfaction of QRA within the specified timeframes.  

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